The number one goal of our partnership with our clients is to have a clear understanding and vision of each project which results in a complete professional solution. Our project specialists and our project management teams closely evaluate the needs, challenges and realities of each project. Our planning includes flexibility, adaptability and efficiency while at the same time mobilizing and planning the resources required to attain the objectives.

As our methods are always cutting-edge, our project managers and installers can ensure reliability and professionalism during the installation process.

SOLOTECH's projects are coordinated and installed by a group of highly motivated and skilled individuals who work tirelessly to guarantee that equipment is installed properly and on schedule. Our fully trained and certified installation teams have the experience and the tools required to expertly install and test professional audio, lighting and video equipment.


The full systems integration services offered by SOLOTECH are designed to simplify our clients' project experience. SOLOTECH offers multiple services:

- Integrated design services to prepare single line diagrams;
- Engineering services to validate the performance of future installations;
- A custom fabrication division for the project's special requirements;
- The industry's leading after-sales and maintenance department;
- An import-export and customs documentation department.

To ensure projects are completed professionally, each project is assigned a project manager who is in charge of our clients' needs while coordinating with the various departments within SOLOTECH.


Our Customer Service Department is your portal to a full range of products and services that SOLOTECH offers to all clients.

All questions and inquiries are directed to the right department where clients can expect quick and efficient assistance.

Our customer service department is familiar with all of our projects and is there to ensure our clients' experience with SOLOTECH meets the highest professional standards.


This service is designed for our clients. As professionals, some clients know exactly what they want to order and don't always need to consult one of our specialists.

The Customer Service Desk is ready to process orders immediately, whether or not the client has an open account with SOLOTECH.

TEL: (702) 614-8882 / FAX: (702) 614-8883