In 1976, Denis Lefrançois, who had already garnered an excellent reputation in the audio field, was asked to coordinate the audio for the Summer Olympic Games held in Montreal.

During that memorable summer, many producers were impressed by Mr. Lefrançois' audio work, thus offered him additional challenges. These events led to the birth of SOLOTECH in 1977 by the company's founders Denis Lefrançois and André Riendeau.

Initially, SOLOTECH exclusively offered audio services. Over the years lighting, video and multimedia were added to better serve the growing needs of its clients. Since that time, SOLOTECH has grown both locally and internationally through sales and rental projects that require the best technology available. SOLOTECH is a one-stop-shop that offers the technology and expertise best suited to each project and each client's needs.


Technology leader recognized worldwide

SOLOTECH is a dedicated leader in technological innovation. We work closely with our valuable clients in a team environment to create solutions. Whether the project requirements are modest or highly complex, we overcome challenges with the aim of exceeding expectations.

SOLOTECH offers multiple services:

- Integrated design services;
- Engineering services;
- A custom fabrication division;
- The industry's leading after-sales and maintenance department;
- An import-export and customs documentation department.


Innovative Solutions

Our team of highly skilled technicians and craftsmen provide custom solutions for those special challenges projects can face.

SOLOTECH's custom fabrication department offers solutions for:

- Road cases, custom cabinetry and other woodwork;
- Power and data cables and assembly;
- Data and power anodized aluminum connector plates;
- Electrical distribution systems for audio, lighting and video.

Technical Drawing

Our internal design team can assist with the drawings and specifications for our clients' custom equipment needs.


We have found a formula for bringing together a diverse variety of complimentary specialists within one organization including specialists in audio, lighting, video and control systems.

These professionals, whose talents are recognized both locally and internationally, come together, each with their own individual expertise, to form a solid team that results in unequalled technological skills and full dedication to each project's success.


SOLOTECH strives to achieve 360-degree environmental support. That means that in every aspect of our business, from our internal processes and products, to how we service our vendors and clients, we look for opportunities to help diminish our impact on the planet.

We continually support artists whose projects raise environmental awareness, and implement eco-practices shared with us by our industry partners.

Responsible Manufacturers

We also actively encourage our suppliers to reduce excessive packaging. For those manufacturers who show a concern for the environment, be it in their manufacturing practices or in the application of their technologies and products, SOLOTECH applauds their efforts.

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